Thursday, June 23, 2016

Are you looking for a part time job? The internet has a job for you

The economic times are hard, it may be a struggle to make ends meet with a single source of income. You may also want to improve your lifestyle or save for a project in the future. You can reach your goals by converting you free time to money making time.

 Fortunately, the internet has several opportunities where you can make money after school or your 9-5 job. So, are you looking for part time job? Here are opportunities that you can pursue.

Get paid to freelance

 You can extend your skill beyond the office. If you write articles for the company newsletter, you are a webmaster, you make marketing presentations or transcribe meetings among others, and you can do the same online and make a decent sum. There are hundreds of people that would like a blog post for their company blog, a newsletter, or a PowerPoint presentation for a few dollars.

Most buyers post their job requests on the job boards such as Craigslist, and pro Blogger, freelance sites such as, Upwork, and Fiverr and several other content mills such as Demand Studios, IwriterTextbroker and many more. You sign up with any site from which you would like to do a task. For the job boards, you pick a task that you are interested in and contact the buyer. Tasks are mostly referred to as gigs.

 As for the freelancing sites, you will be required to make proposals or short pitches to show that you have the skill and the experience to handle the task. On writing companies or content mills, you can pick any job any time as long as you are signed up at the time.

 Digital earning 
Digital earning involves a variety of online tasks that include competing surveys, internet offers, clipping coupons, sampling and sharing of different products, sharing links on social media, watching videos and marketing materials and much more. The price per task is low but the amount earned goes up in a short while after doing several tasks.

It is good to join as many sites as possible and diversify to many income generating activities online. The online money making opportunities have the ability to bring you enough cash that can sustain you without a formal job. However, it is good to start as part time occupation until you have acquired the required skill and experience and increased the amount you make. This lowers the chances of failing.

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